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Things Which Can Disrupt Heart’s Normal Functioning

When a person says “I have heart palpitations” he/she means the inner feeling of her heart is beating differently than usual.

What causes these palpitations? Read through the most common reasons
  1. Panic attacks

If you feel that your heart is beating so fast that it can burst through your chest any moment – a panic attack might be the reason for it. According to D-r Doshi, shaking, sweating are common symptoms of this psychological breakdown. Sometimes arrhythmia occur as well. This is caused by panic attacks, so if you visit your doctor you might scratch some more serious diseases off. Panic attacks can be treated with psychotherapy or in serious cases medications.

2. Caffeine

Your heart is beating faster than usual? Before you start worrying consider how many coffees you had today. According to cardiologist Bryan Kolski, caffeine is a stimulant which stimulates the nerve system. This also controls the regime of the heart which in turn can lead to palpitations. According to D-r Kolski, you should pay your doctor a visit if you increased heart beat is followed by chest pains or vertigo, irrespective of you thinking it may be due to caffeine.


Losing more fluids than you take in cause dehydration. If the dehydration is serious is can lead to heart palpitations which are followed by dry mouth, dark urine and muscle spasms. According to D-r Doshi, dehydration cause changes in the electrolytes within your body and reduces the blood pressure. This cause stress in your body and as a result you get abnormal heart beating. Drink water more regularly as the body needs at least 2.2 liters of water daily to keep it at an optimum.

4. Prescribed medications

A lot of medications which are prescribed for asthma or thyroid gland problems can cause palpitations. According to D-r Kolski, these tachycardia are in most cases not the basis for panic. But they sure can be unpleasant. Make sure once your doctor prescribes new medications he is aware of the old ones you already take so you can avoid this unpleasant situation. If your regular medications are a cause for the tachycardia you should talk to your doctor to prescribe a different combination.

5. Anemia

Anemia is often caused by iron deficiency in blood. It means that your body does not create enough red blood cells which can carry the oxygen to the body’s tissues. Palpitations not always occur, but people which suffer from anemia can feel heavy breathing. According to D-r Kolski, because you have less red blood cells within the body, increased heart beating can increase the oxygen levels when you suffer from anemia.

To summarize

Bear in mind that no heart symptom should be ignored, even if you know what its caused by. Irrespective of this, you should consider your doctor just to be sure.

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